About Lela Fine Art Crystal, designer and artist Sondra Lee

Sondra Lee, Artist and Designer

Sondra Lee has a deep passion for art and creating beauty, with the innate gift of creating effortlessly.  She is a visionary artist with a heartfelt desire to support education for the arts to encourage our disadvantaged youth to be the artists they were meant to be.  She believes everyone has an artist within if they are allowed to explore their creativity and try different mediums of expression.  Art is self-healing; an expression of the soul.  Although Sondra Lee has mastered several mediums, she discovered Art Glass through an extraordinary vision of “Lela” Art Crystal.  After pursuing her vision through education about Art Glass and mastering the creation of “Lela” Art crystal, her vision lead her to contributr to supporting various Art Foundations that support our disadvantaged youth.  The foundation captured her heart and resonated with her passion and purpose.  At that moment, she knew “Lela” Art Crystal was to have a much higher purpose than just a beautiful piece of fine Art Glass.  The sale of each piece created will contribute a portion to an art  Foundation of the Arts, causes Sondra Lee strongly believes in.  This is a foundations making a difference by supporting and encouraging our disadvantaged youth in a big way and allowing dreams to come true; a foundation with a heart of gold!

 May “Lela” Art Crystal open and touch your heart as it has Sondra’s.