Sondra Lee's Vision...

About Lela Fine Art Crystal, designer and artist Sondra Lee

One early morning, it was time to get ready for work, she,  being a devoted single mother of three, owner of a small gallery in Carmel, CA  was somewhat exhausted with her daily regimen. She was responsible for creating the majority of the designs and art work displayed as well as the care of her family.

She was and is very passionate about her artwork, but always imagining an easier way!

That morning as she stepped into the shower, she felt as if she was encased in a beam of golden light permeating her soul. It seemed like heaven had come to Earth! A crystal platter appeared encasing a white phalaenopsis orchid, embellished by two circling hands of shimmering gold --- a vision so beautiful!  She knew it was a gift to be created ---

She lost her breath in the wonder of the moment!
She danced around the house wrapped in a towel chanting,
"Thank you God, Thank You!"

So Sondra's journey began, with the challenge of working with unfamiliar mediums. With tenacity and passion, she pursued her education in order to master her vision as she was never promised it would be easy. Several years later, with pride and gratitude, she is ready for its unveiling... Lela, Fine Art Crystal Platters.

May each piece open and touch your heart as it has Sondra Lee's!

As she contemplated as to what she should name her creation, in meditation the name "Lela" 
was reveled, the Goddess of Wealth and Beauty. How perfect! Each piece is signed, "Lela," in 24Kt gold. A lesson in life --- "Never give up on your dreams and never underestimate yourself and what you are capable of!"

Blessings to all,

Sondra Lee